This Valentine’s Day instead of a romantic dinner for two, or Valentine’s Day bash at a café, why not plan a wine tasting party? Invite a few friends and the ladies in their lives to compare notes on wines and have fun!

You can provide the scrumptious wine bottles, or invite each of your guests to bring their favorite ones. Let everyone mingle, and chat about their favorites while they catch up and have a fun wine-time!

Here are some bar-ware accessories that will help you to host an enjoyable and a memorable wine tasting night:

  1. Red wine Glasses with Red Swirl

Red wine Glasses with Red Swirl

These classic yet stylish wine glasses will add a stroke of grace to your wine tasting table setting, and give that perfect wining experience to your guests. Each piece in this set of two features a red stripping that enhances its artistic appeal. And, the long steam and wide serving capacity makes it ideal to present wine on special occasions!

  1. Queen Anne Champagne Bucket with Brass Handles by Godinger

Queen Anne Champagne Bucket with Brass Handles by Godinger

Keep your wine bottles chilling before the guests arrive with this Queen Anne Champagne Bucket with Brass Handles. This high-end elegantly crafted bar accessory will help you make a big statement at your Valentine evening bash. Plus, this ice bucket has glittery and vivacious brass handles for ease of use, and spherical bottom for support.

  1. Godinger King Wine Decanter

Godinger King Wine Decanter

Add flair of sophistication to your wine tasting event with this Godinger King Wine Decanter. This classic yet charismatic wine decanter is crafted with 24% leaded-crystal material. This elegantly designed decanter will complement any wine glassware collection.

At last, you don’t to stick to one idea, make the night special for everyone by arranging fun activities, games, and other stimulating stuff.

All of the above three accessories are must have for any Valentine’s Day wine tasting event, But which one of them you feel will add a touch of class and elegance to your decorated table? Share your views in the comment section!