Glass Cake Stand

Take a collectors approach to glass cake stands from a vast variety offered by Classic Hostess! Whether your prefer round, square, flat or footed,you are certain to find one that suits your fancy! Cake stands offer a beautiful perch for cakes, pies and pastries and double as an attractive centerpiece
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Optic Design Glass Cake Stand with Dome/Image-Alt-Text

Anderson Wooden and Metal Cake Stand with Clear Glass Dome

Large Anderson Cake Stand with Glass Dome

6 in 1 Glass Entertaining Set/Image-Alt-Text
6 In 1 All Purpose Cake Plate
Your Price: $29.99
6 In 1 All Purpose Cake Plate

Glass Footed Square Cake Stand by Rosanna/Image-Alt-Text
Glass Square Cake Pedestal
Your Price: $24.99
Glass Square Cake Pedestal

Stainless & Brass Dessert Pedestal & Glass Dome With Leaf Finial/Image-Alt-Text

Sweet Cakes 8

Blue Colored Crystal Cake Stand/Image-Alt-Text
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