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Add decor and style to your kitchen with our beautiful line of Canisters Classic Hostess.com has it all. We carry a full line of the GG Collection and Arte italica Canisters, in Porcelain and Glass and Crystal. Our canister sets include great kitchen canisters that allow you to neatly store everything from coffee and tea to sugar and flour in our beautiful glass canisters and ceramic canisters, as well as, other unique canisters. We have a range of kitchen canisters from clear to blue to amethyst to amber glass. We have a full line of Gracious Goods Canisters that will enhance your kitchen or great as a gift. Our beautiful line of canisters will make a great home for flour, sugar and your next batch of chocolate chip cookies
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GG Collection Ogee-G Cream Ceramic Canister Set/Image-Alt-Text

GG Collection Taupe Ceramic Canisters Ogee-G/Image-Alt-Text

Red Can Shape Set of 4 Storage Canisters/Image-Alt-Text

Square Ceramic Set of 4 Kitchen Canisters/Image-Alt-Text

Ceramic Red Set of 4 Square Kitchen Canisters/Image-Alt-Text

White Can Shape Ceramic Storage Canisters/Image-Alt-Text

American Atelier Quatra Red Canister Set/Image-Alt-Text

American Atelier Blue Canister Set/Image-Alt-Text

American Atelier Maison Canister Set/Image-Alt-Text

Antique Fleur De Lis Cream Canister Set/Image-Alt-Text

American Atelier White Canister Set/Image-Alt-Text

Antique Fleur De Lis Brown Canister Set/Image-Alt-Text
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