Cordial Glasses

Stock up on essential drinkware with all of our classic cordial glasses. Enjoy your favorite whiskey, vodka or any liqueur for years to come in those beautiful brandy, shot or vodka glasses.
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Tova Gift Boxed Frosted Wine Bottle & Glasses/Image-Alt-Text

Set of 4 Multi Colored Freezer Bar Glasses/Image-Alt-Text

Red Series Set Of 6 Shot Glasses/Image-Alt-Text

Glass Red Covered Decanter With Cordials/Image-Alt-Text

Crystal Lead Free Gift Boxed Shot Glasses/Image-Alt-Text

Solid Walnut Tray for Sempli Shot Glasses and Tumblers/Image-Alt-Text

Set of Six Dublin Crystal Cordial Glasses/Image-Alt-Text

Set of Four Crystal Dublin Ice Cold Drinking Glasses/Image-Alt-Text

Set of Twelve Stemmed Crystal Dublin Chilled Beverage Glasses/Image-Alt-Text

6 Color Bottom 3.5oz Shots/Image-Alt-Text
Rainbow Color Shot Glasses
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Rainbow Color Shot Glasses

Frosted Liqueur Glasses/Image-Alt-Text
Cupa Shot Ice Glasses
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Cupa Shot Ice Glasses

Icy Pine Design Large Highballs/Image-Alt-Text
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