Kids Potty Chair

Ever thought potties can be decorative too? Teamson designs potty chairs that will catch your child's attention, making training time a breeze...  Well equip with a magazine holder and toilet paper holder, our large variety of potty chairs actually turn from potty, to chair, to on some, rockers. Perfectly hand carved, and finely hand painted, Teamson's potty chairs are made to last.
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Butterfly And Frog Potty, With Towel Paper And Magazine Holder/Image-Alt-Text
Magic Garden Wooden Potty Chair
Your Price: $66.60
Magic Garden Wooden Potty Chair

Transportation Hand Painted Potty Chair/Image-Alt-Text

Potty Chair With Toilet Paper Holder And Magazine Holder/Image-Alt-Text

Hand Painted Princess Design Wooden Potty/Image-Alt-Text
Princess Wooden Potty Chair
Your Price: $70.20
Princess Wooden Potty Chair

Kids Under Sea Potty Chair With Tissue Holder/Image-Alt-Text

Noah's Ark Children's Potty Chair With Magazine And Toilet Paper Holder/Image-Alt-Text