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Kitchen Canister Sets And Food Storage Jars


GG Collection Ceramic and Glass Kitchen Canister Jar Sets


Kitchen Canister Sets with Chalkboards

Glass and Ceramic Canister Sets allow for stylish storage of food and staples. Now with the added feature of chalkboard labels, the food storage jar's contents can be easily identified and customized. With the stroke of a chalk, the personalized canisters keep the baked goodies handy and fresh. Classic Hostess previews some of the Chalkboard Kitchen Canister Sets here:

With sealed lids and innovative chalkboard labels, these Kitchen Canister Sets are charmingly functional and essential to home decor. Check out Classic Hostess full selection HERE

White and Cream Ceramic Canister Sets

For a fresh, refined, and modern decorative appeal to kitchen counter tops, many clients opt for white and cream colored ceramic kitchen canister sets. Classic Hostess suggests white colored food storage jars for contemporary and traditional kitchens alike. Canister Sets you love end up creating storage as an essential part of home decor. We do sell many Kitchen Canisters in the white and off white color, but below are some of the popular and varied picks.

Gabrielle Cream Footed Canister Set - $74.95

The artfully decorated white ceramic canister set of 3 feature intricately designed pedestals. The food storage jars provide added freshness with sealed lid. 

American Atelier Fleur De Lis Etched White Canister Set - $79.99

Made of glossy white earthenware, the set of 3 Fleur De Lis Kitchen Canisters by American Atelier requires hand wash. Truly beautiful, the traditional Fleur De Lis will also work well with any modern contemporary kitchen.

Ceramic White Can Shaped Canisters with Chalkboard - $49.99

Those set of 4 modern white canister sets were designed in the trendy can shaped version. Plus, those set of 4 white ceramic food storage jars feature sealed lids and chalkboards for clear labeling.

Square White Wavy Kitchen Canister Sets - $49.99

The Set of 4 Square Wavy Canisters are of Ceramic material and arrive gift boxed. The white food storage jars with the wavy design add a rather fun decor to kitchens.

Ceramic PlaceTile Canister Jar with Replaceable Motifs - $64.99

Place Tile has created a most whimsical canister jar. The ceramic canister includes a white dry erase marker with replaceable motifs. The glossy ceramic food storage jar can easily be used for cookies and delicacies too!

View many more White and Ceramic Kitchen Canister Sets at Classic Hostess.

Red Ceramic Canister Sets

Red is vivid, bright, and cheery. Why not have your daily dose of bold red displayed on our kitchen counter tops? Due to popular demand, Classic Hostess now sells 8 different Ceramic and Porcelain Canisters Sets in you guessed it - RED. Stash all the necessary kitchen staples into neatly organized and sealed food storage, plus you get to add a pop of color to rather monotonous kitchen counter tops. We would love to see Red Canister Sets in all white, and natural kitchens. Red storage jars work well with stainless steel appliances and backdrops too.

American Atelier Quatra Red Canister Set - $44.59

This rather medieval looking canister set is also available in different colors. The Red Canister Set feature Fleur De Lis Metal Finial on the sealed lids. 

Cherry Red Ceramic Square Wavy Canister Set - $44.99

A more modern take on the traditional kitchen canister set, this red set of 4 jar set features a square and wavy effect. With the tallest canister reaching a height of 7.6", the four glossy red canisters will adequately hold all the kitchen needs. 

Ceramic Can Shaped Red Canister Sets with Chalkboard Labels - $49.99

A modern take on the traditional can style food storage jars. This Cherry Red Kitchen Canister Set features chalkboard label for superb organization, and the can shape adds fashionable style.

More Red Ceramic Kitchen Canisters with Chalkboard Labels

NEW! Red Hearthstone Chili Red Canister Set

Classic Hostess is proud of its vast array of Kitchen Canisters and Food Storage Jars. (Humbly put) However, we do understand that although the amazing selection may be be thrilling to some savvy shoppers, there are those of you out there that are confused. Overwhelmed. Some clients claim to lose their sense of taste, forgot what the countertops look like, and so much worse, when faced with page after page of undeniably beautiful and useful canister sets.

This is Page was created with you in mind. Read and discover each canisters' and jars'  individuality, style, purpose, strength and more. Plus, be updated on all homemakers organizational tips and ideas. Perusing and purchasing Kitchen Decor and Canister Sets shall now be efficient so that you derive the utmost pleasure from your purchase. 

Happy Reading; Happy Shopping!

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