Classic Hostess offers a selection of lighting fixtures, including an extensive line of lanterns, outdoor and landscape lighting. Call or chat with us live to find out more.
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Tall Metal Twisted End Candleholder/Image-Alt-Text

Arusha Tall Candle Lantern/Image-Alt-Text

Square Rope and Metal Candle Lantern Small/Image-Alt-Text

Exotic Moroccan White Tall Candle Holder/Image-Alt-Text

Large Iron and Glass Midtown Candle Lantern/Image-Alt-Text

Hexagonal Glass and Metal Candle Lantern/Image-Alt-Text

Lattice Tall Floor Candle Lantern/Image-Alt-Text

Authentic Models Large Iron Replica Lantern/Image-Alt-Text

Venetian Bronze Candle Lantern/Image-Alt-Text
Venetian Bronze Candle Lantern
Your Price: $124.99
Venetian Bronze Candle Lantern

Parasol Sagamore Lantern/Image-Alt-Text
Parasol Sagamore Lantern
Your Price: $29.99
Parasol Sagamore Lantern