Mason Jars

Invoking a classic sense of tradition, Mason Jars are a versatile and economic way to create a centerpiece for a table. They are also called ball Jars, or fruit jars because they are often used to store fruit. You can fill Personalized Mason Jar Vases with souvenirs from vacations, weddings, anniversary parties or other special events. Use the Glass Jars as canisters to store flour, candies or cookies.   Fill them with flowers or tea lights and votives to illuminate the area. At Classic Hostess. we have a variety of classic mason jars that will fit any use from drinking glasses, mason drink dispensers and more. Get them in any shape and use them anytime, anywhere!

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1 Gallon Classic Mason Jar Dispenser with Spigot/Image-Alt-Text

Set of 2 Ice Cold Beverage Dispensers on Rack/Image-Alt-Text

2 Gallon Old Fashioned Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser/Image-Alt-Text

All American Double Wall Insulated Mason Jar Sippers /Image-Alt-Text

Infusion Glass Beverage Dispenser with Galvanized Metal Base/Image-Alt-Text

2 Gallon Clear Glass Mason Jar With Leak Proof Spout/Image-Alt-Text

2 Gallon Glass Mason Jug with Leak Proof Spout/Image-Alt-Text

1.5 Gallon Beverage Server with Tin Metal Stand/Image-Alt-Text

2 Gallon Classic Mason Jar Dispenser/Image-Alt-Text

2 Gallon Lemonade Beverage Dispenser with Stand/Image-Alt-Text

Personalized Mason Drinking Glasses/Image-Alt-Text

Personalized Glass Mason Vase/Image-Alt-Text
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