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Rolf Glassware Product Lines

Rolf Glass is an American glass cutting and engraving manufacturer, a leader in quality tabletop giftware and personalized gifts. Rolf Glass is well known for unique, original, distinctive images, and timeless icons on quality crystal and glassware. Rolf Glass's unique cut glass studio produces affordable and attractive designs for everyday use. Each product line puts a distinctive twist on contemporary glass, adding a touch of fun to the table and creating "where'd you find that?" conversation in every Rolf Glass household.

ROLF SCHOOL OF FISH COLLECTION Every now and again we all swim against the current. With this artfully depicted school of fish design, beautifully etched and polished fish swim together, save for one little guy headed in the opposite direction. A delightful nod to individuality and the unique spirit inside all of us. The Rolf School of Fish Glasses Include: School of Fish DOF, Balloon Wine Goblets, Wine Carafe, Flutes, School of Fish All Purpose Goblets, and even Martini Cups and much more.




ROLF COMPASS ROSE COLLECTION Compass Rose collection help you stay the course through calm seas or squalls. This classic nod to navigation is the perfect edition to any elegant evening. Whether you fancy yourself Captain Stubing or Captain Jack, your designer intuition will always point True North. Purchase the Compass Rose Ice Bucket, Wine Carafe, Dessert Bowl, Cordial Glass, Compass Rose AP Wine Goblets, AP Balloon Goblets and many more available in the Compass Rose Collection.




ROLF SEASHELL COLLECTION If you have ever found a seashell on a beach, you know the pleasure of such natural perfection. Our scallop shell engraved on lead free crystal-glass turns up the charm on any evening. Reminiscent of longs walks on deserted sand, these classic elegant designs have the power to transport you far away from ordinary. The Rolf Seashell Collection includes the Seashell Champagne Bucket, Cooler Glasses, Cordial Glasses, Seashell DOFs, Seashell Flutes and even Iced Tea Glasses among the many. 







ROLF PALM TREE COLLECTION Want to get away? The Palm Tree collection lets you enjoy the playfulness of Miami while suffering the winters of Detroit. This beautifully engraved design will sweep you away to the tropics. Your vacation can start right now with just a sip and a setting. Indulgence is yours! Shop for Rolf Palm Tree Coffee Mugs, Palm Tree Design Balloon Wine Goblets, Palm Tree Martinis, Palm Tree Designed Footed Flutes, Tall Pilsners to name just a few of this Rolf Collection





ROLF DRAGONFLY COLLECTION Inspired by summer gardens, this dragonfly design will lift your spirit. A light-hearted rendition of a classic theme, this collection utilizes whimsy and movement. Evoke feelings of warm evenings and sunlight dancing across blades of grass. Lemonade or Lemoncello never tasted as refreshing as it does delivered by a dragonfly. The Dragonfly Collection now includes Stemware and Barware. Purchase the Dragonfly Iced Tea Goblets, Dessert Bowls, Dragonfly Tumblers, Dragonfly flutes and even Dragonfly Hurricane Candle Holder.







ROLF DIAMOND COLLECTION A classic pattern with sparkling faceted diamond cuts, the Diamond Series by Rolf Glass has the right glass for the right occasion! For the Whiskey lover, try our oversized double old fashioned, concinal shaped crystal glass with a polished rim. Scotch lovers should try our official scotch tasting glass "Glencairn" a small elegant glass shape with a polished rim. The perfect pair for any serious whiskey or scotch drinker. The Diamond Collection from Rolf Glass includes the Etched Diamond Brandy Glass, The Flute Glass, Diamond Tulip Glass and even the Diamond DOF and Red Wine Glass to complete the set.










A stag seen in the woods is always an exciting event. Embodying the spirit of the strong and the proud, our deer designs enhance any décor. Perfect for any sportsman, or nature lover. This playful silhouette is illuminated by a full moon, delicately etched into the proverbial night sky. This is where the wild things are. Find the Deer All Purpose Wine Glasses, Deer Etched Cooler Glasses, Deer Footed Cooler Glasses, Deer White Wine Glasses and many more Bar Ware you Can go wild over. 






ROLF ANCHORAGE COLLECTION Anchors aweigh and time to start the dining! Rolf Glassware has sand etched the time honored symbol of anchor and rope onto high quality Slovakian glasses. The Anchorage Glassware Set is clear and bright in color. Classic Hostess sells the charming Rolf Etched Anchorage Pitcher, and tall Anchorage Cooler Glasses. Time to set sail!









ROLF GRAND FLUER DE LIS COLLECTION On lead-free crystal, Rolf Glassware has sand etched the brilliant Fleur De Lis Symbol. One grand etched Fleur De Lis Symbol graces this glassware collection by Rolf Glasses. Classic Hostess debuts the Fleur De Lis Martini Glasses, the Etched Fleur De Lis white Wine Glasses, Etched Fleur De Lis Cooler Glasses, the Etched Fleur De Lis Footed Iced Tea Goblets, and Rolf Etched Fleur De Lis Martini Tumblers amongst the many others. View Classic Hostess selection of Etched Fleur De Lis Glasses by Rolf Glassware.






ROLF WHALE COLLECTION Whales have been defined by mass, grace, and intelligence. Rolf Glassware has transformed those qualities into the playful Etched Whale Glassware Set. Bring the creative and deep etched designs to your tabletop with the Rolf Etched Whale Glassware Set. Included are the Rolf Etched Whale Cooler Glasses, Rolf Glass Etched Whale All Purpose Wine Glass, and Rolf Glassware Etched Whale DOF glasses.






ROLF ICY PINE CONE COLLECTION Holiday Gatherings or Picnic Tables, the Ice Pine Cone makes a bold statement. The sharp multi-faceted Pine Cone etched onto lead free glasses by Rolf Glassware will bring sparkle and dimension to any dining experience. The Rolf Glassware Etched Icy Pine cone Collection includes the Icy Pinecone Etched Cooler Glasses, Etched Icy Pine cone Rolf Champagne Flutes, the Icy Pine Cone Rolf White Wine Tumblers, Icy Pine Cone Rolf Balloon Glasses, Icy Pine Cone Rolf DOF Glasses, and Etched Rolf Icy Pine Cone Martini Glasses amongst many others.





ROLF MID-CENTURY COLLECTION Finally, Rolf Glassware has combined Contemporary Modern with Mid-Century in another fabulous etched barware set. The Rolf Mid-Century Modern Glassware Set has individual etchings on each glass. Marvel at the whimsical designs on the glass as you enjoy a cup of Bellini, martini, or margarita, This mid-century but modern whimsy glassware set by Rolf features Mid-Century Modern Etched Cocktail Glasses, Mid-Century Modern Rolf Winetini, Martini, and Rolf Etched Coupe Glasses.





ROLF OCTOPUS COLLECTION Set Deep Sand Etched Octopus symbols on clear glasses display excellent taste, and style, and quality. Made in the USA, the Rolf Glassware Etched Octopus Set will accentuate any table. Inspire grace and courage with the Octopus Bar ware and Glassware Set by Rolf. Choose from the vast variety of Octopus Etched Cooler Glasses, Octopus Etched All Purpose Glasses, and Octopus Designed DOF by Rolf Glass.












ROLF PEACKOCK FEATHER COLLECTION A majestic addition to tabletop decor, the Etched Peacock Feather Stemware Set is another lovely collection by Rolf Glassware. Delicate feathers adorn this summery fresh Etched Glassware Set. The Rolf Peacock Feather Glassware Set has the lead free Etched Peacock Feather Toasting Flutes, the Rolf Glassware Etched Peacock Feather All Purpose Wine Glasses and Tumblers.










ROLF SEABREEZE COLLECTION Calming and Soothing, the Seabreeze Collection by Rolf Glassware brings coastal charm to tabletop decor. Oceanside etched into the glasses, Rolf designed another playful drinkware set for vacation homes or reminders of that . The Seabreeze Etched Drinkware Set by Rolf Glassware features the Rolf Etched Seabreeze Cooler Glasses, Rolf Etched Seabreeze DOF Glasses, and the Rolf Glass Seabreeze Iced Tea Goblets. Plus, the Rolf Etched Glass Seabreeze Pitcher, Martini Glass , and Seabreeze Bowls are also available in Turquoise Blue Color.






ROLF SEA TURTLE COLLECTION Bring heaven and earth with the symbol that represents it fairly. The Sea Turtle Etched Glassware Set by Rolf Glass is a magical drink ware set that will enhance any tabletop. This Coastal set is an American made product. The Sea Turtle Etched Glassware Set by Rolf Glasses comes in the DOF version, the Sea Turtle Etched Cooler Glasses, and all purpose glasses.






ROLF GO FISH COLLECTION Inspired by mid-century designs utilizing stylized fish, our new Go fish glassware is bold and charming. Quality imported blanks are artfully engraved and polished to breath fresh life into an age-old theme. While there may be plenty of fish in the sea, this finely detailed set is a true catch! The Rolf Go Fish Collection Comes in a decanter, DOF glasses, and shot glasses.

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