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If the kitchen is the heart of the home, kitchen canister sets are at the core of Classic Hostess Blog. We love everything stylish, functional, and economical. Isn’t that what food storage jars are all about?

Kitchen Canister Sets

For oodles of panache and color, for loads of

KITCHEN CANISTERS : Economical and Stylish Way to Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen canisters have been an integral part of every household for a very long time. They have evolved in many forms and have always been considered as a glorious way to design your kitchen. Classic Hostess houses the biggest collection of kitchen canister sets of various styles and materials.

Let’s give you the three best kitchen canisters that have won millions of hearts all around the globe.

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CANISTER SETS: The Best Containers for your Kitchen

Canisters are a big part of everyone’s kitchen and are used for many purposes. All the kitchen canisters are known for their high quality ceramic manufacturing and wonderful ability to store things. They provide an incredible touch to the kitchen and make it a more functional and stylish area to store all the essentials.

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Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Gracious Goods Canisters

Gracious Goods Canister


With freshly baked cookies in mind, you return from a hasty shopping spree to find a new bag of flour in your hand, and flour in the pantry, and, yes another bag of flour in the garage. Or, make that oats. Or sugar. With one Gracious Goods Canister Set, you got flour in canister one, oats in canister two, and freshly baked cookies in canister three. Functional, organizational, and beautiful in one canister set on your kitchen counter top.

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Why The GG Collection Canisters Are The New Black

GG Collection Kitchen CanistersIf the kitchen is the heart of each home, GG Collection Canisters have always been the heart of this famous product line.  At  the company’s inception, the creators of the Gracious Goods Collection have toyed with the idea of European warmth merged with casual elegance.

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Kitchen Canister Sets And Food Storage Jars

Kitchen Canister Sets with Chalkboards

Glass and Ceramic Canister Sets allow for stylish storage of food and staples. Now with the added feature of chalkboard labels, the food storage jar’s contents can be easily identified and customized. With the stroke of a chalk, the personalized canisters keep the baked goodies handy and fresh. Classic Hostess previews some of the Chalkboard Kitchen Canister Sets here:

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mompicMother’s Day is just one month away, and it time to buy your Mothers Day Gift at Classic Hostess. Why, you ask? Because at Classic Hostess, we respect your mom for who she is, and therefore we have many personalized gifts to suit her idiosyncrasies and your budget!

Browse the Mothers Day Gift Ideas and check out the Coupon Codes.




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Food Storage Jars and Canister Sets

6004canWe all have a Martha Stewart moment.. Doesn’t last too long though, eh?  Well, it might just last a wee bit longer with Food Storage Jars and Proper Canister Sets.

Keep your Kitchen counter tops streamlined and stylish with coordinating glass and ceramic canisters.  Let the Spring Cleaning begin!

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More Great Gift Ideas For Her Kitchen

Please the Happy Hostesses this Holiday

apronIs she the Master of the Kitchen? Divinely inspired to create culinary creations? Consider surprising the chef on your Gift List this Christmas with cool Kitchen Gadgets and Cooking Accessories just for her.

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Kitchen Accessories: Kitchen Decor

A kitchen is the busiest room in a house. At any given time, you may be cooking, baking, prepping, cleaning, or jotting down a shopping list. Make all of those tasks easier and more time-efficient with our organizing ideas.

1st Tip: CANISTERS!! (View our Full Selection)


If you have more than one pet, it’s important to be organized. Devote pantry space to dry food, which she transfers from the bulky bags into stackable airtight plastic containers.

Air Tight 4 Piece Square Canister Set




Airtight (well-sealed) containers made of plastic or glass let you see quickly how much of one ingredient you have left. These containers also protect dried goods from humidity and pests. Whether they match or not, containers can be displayed on the counter or up on open shelves in attractive ways that can actually decorate a corner of your kitchen.

Cylinder Assorted 3 Piece Canister Set


Preserve some hot peppers, pickles,and beans at the same time give your counter tops that elegant and sophisticated look. You’ll love the way our clear glass jars add fine decor to your home.

Mason Clear Preserving Glass Canister Jars


Bring old world elegance to your home, with our spectacular GG Collection canister and jar sets. Impeccably designed, with exceptional style and flair, our high quality canisters will add true beauty and sophistication to your counter tops, kitchen decor, and islands. Whether you choose one of our sun kissed colors of the Tuscan collection, or one of our glass and burnished bronze sturdy metal canisters, you’ll definitely have what to show for when your unexpected guests arrive. If you choose to fill them with  some goodies or staples, you’ll always have them handy, encased in a flourish of scrolls and beads.

Gift Gifts And More Gift Ideas – Bridal Showers/Tea

As an experienced bridal shower or tea attendee I have had my fair share of last minute desperate Gift Huntings with just a blank mind and thin wallet to assist me.I wanted to show my support to the Bride-to-Be without Breaking the Bank of course. After one really desperate and long search, I made a promise that if I find the gift  of her dreams and get it gift wrapped on time, I shall do something to help all of those last minute peoples like me. ( I know you are out there…) True to my word, here is a compilation of great,clean ( the bride’s mom is there..)  and inexpensive Bridal Gifts I have observed my friends receiving:


For a Bridal Tea, you go with the theme:  This Les Fleurs En Rouge Porcelain Teapot has coordinating appetizer and dipping dishes, trays, mugs and even pitcher which you can purchase based on your budget.  Found it at Classic Hostess now reduced for $49.99. Best Part? They arrive gift boxed so we can really get ready on time. The refined botanical prints, a nod to the great gardens of Paris, come from Portobello Road in London. The vibrant combination of green and red make for festive winter tablescapes. However, these year-round botanical can easily grace spring and summer tables as well. Microwave, and dishwasher safe too!


Or, As the little black dress has taught us, black is a year-round classic.  Basic black should not only be found in everyone’s wardrobe, but also in everyone’s cupboard.  Use these gorgeous pieces for striking contrast with a mound of white meringues or to serve a luscious red velvet cake. This Black Porcelain Tea Pot also arrives gift boxed by Rosanna and sells for $39.99. Your classy and basic friend might love and abuse this.


For a bit of a romantic gift that the couple will enjoy, I love the Aquiesse Scented Candle, specifically the Bergamont & Vetiver. A unique line, the Trump Home Bergamont & Vetiver Collection by Aquiesse has a refined scent, and understated elegant packaging.The large soy candle is made with organic soybean oil and carefully selected lead free wicks. Nestled in a ultra-thick clear glass that is safe for burning candles. the custom heat resistant cover was designed to serve as a pedestal for the candle to rest on, or to keep the wax dust free while not in use. Also Gift Boxed, this Scented Candle sells for $43.99

Be surprised how fine fragrance oil diffusers can spread good scents and cheer throughout a home. Personally, I like to change the diffusers at home to reflect specific stages of my life. After the birth of our son, I have settled on the Santorini Reed Diffusers , a medley of crisp citrus and green notes artfully paired with exotic spice and natural wood essences. “Petite Size for a Petite Space” The Antica’s new collection of 100ml Home Ambiance Fragrances are approved for carry-on baggage, making this reed diffuser a great gift for an out of town bride or a fragrant reminder of home to bring along wherever life takes you. The perfect size for your personal space and the perfect price for your wallet.



Combining Old European Flair with Casual Elegance, The GG Collection defines the gracious entertaining of today’s lifestyle. Get the bride canisters, desktop accessories or kitchen and pet accessories. She shall love adding on her own items to the collection as she moves on in life. Or, you can send her items to complement the collection on each anniversary. I would suggest you stars with the Baroque Serving Ware Collection for elegant and useful entertaining table centerpieces.

wine GlassesMy favorite item for the Couple or Bridal Shower is the Sempli Glassware Set. The Designers at Sempli have realized that the stem is aesthetically and technically superfluous. The result was the Hand Blown Cupa Vino Glass. This pure lead free glass rests slightly at the side.The swirling rotation of the stemless glass when posed on a table is both amusing and practical; Set of two is great for a romantic night spent. Also gift boxed ( we are organized after all) they have matching coasters and trays.