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  • Our order arrived in a very timely fashion and was in very good condition when it arrived. Thank you very much. We had ordered a glass ice tea container and it is just what we wanted.

    -Mary Lou 7/28/11
  • You have no need to worry about customer satisfaction, I think you are amazing. I cannot believe how quickly I received both my original and this order. The drinks dispensers I ordered from you are just unavailable to order from anywhere in the UK and that was when I turned to you. My first order took about 3 days to get here, that was just mind blowing, from ordering on the internet to taking receipt of my order for 3 dispensers, just 3 day, I couldn't get many things from the UK delivered THAT quickly. My second order for 2 more dispensers took about 4 days to arrive!!! You certainly have thumbs up from me. Thank you again and again and again.

    -Regards Kim 8/2/11
  • You guys did a fantastic job, thank you!

    -Phillip M 8/2/11
  • Thanks for your note. Yes, the items arrived yesterday, all in good shape. You and your firm do a great job. Thanks for your follow up!

    -Warren 8/2/11
  • Everything was great. Thank you!

    -Sherry Z. 8/2/11
  • It was nice to win, I haven’t tried the hot cocoa, a little unexpected, but Thank you!

    -Joan 8/3/11
  • The orders arrived and are intact. Thanks for the prompt service.

    -Tom 8/3/11
  • I did receive the order and everything looks great. Thank you so much for your help and I will let you guys know if I need anything else for the wedding!

  • The order arrived on time, as promised and in perfect condition. Thanks for such excellent service.

    -Terry F. 8/3/11
  • The order arrived in good condition and the Bordeaux Decanters were well received.

  • Thank you so much. The shipment came so quickly and it was safely packaged - no damage to it at all. It's a gift for my sister this coming weekend, and I know she'll love it! If I can just convince her to fill it up with margaritas, then I will have done my job well! Your site is awesome - I've already found something I want for me and will probably order it next week! I'm passing your information on to many others.

    -Diane M.8/3/11
  • Yes, we received the order yesterday. Everything arrived in tact. Thank you for the prompt service.

    -Randi 8/3/11
  • Thank you so much for exchanging the damaged piece - the new piece arrived and everything was fine. I really appreciate your quick response, and I would say 4-star customer service! Thanks again,

    -Karen 8/4/11
  • The transaction was seamless.......very easy...shipped quickly ....over all a perfect purchase. Thank you for solving my mother and I had purchased this same item 2 or 3 years ago and it is a very sentimental item. I was recovering from surgery recently and my walker caught on the carpet and I knocked over the coffee table breaking the top to our turtle lidded dish. I found the same dish online and I was able to replace it. I feel better about it even though it is not the same dish at least I was able to replace it. Thank you for being there online to help me solve my delima.

    -Bobbie F 8/4/11
  • I received today, perfect...Thank you!

    -Wanda 8/4/11
  • Thank you for the follow up. I really appreciate the customer support for the replacement of the broken beverage dispenser. I surely will be a repeating customer as your service has been excellent. Best,

    -Judie 8/4/11

  • I am glad to have found your Web site. I appreciate the daily deals and it prompted me to order from you. Thanks,

    -Julie 8/4/11
  • Bonjour ! It was very easy to order and fast to receive the product, Thank you!

  • My order arrived safely and I will be using it for the first time at a birthday celebration in two weeks.

  • I just wanted to let you know that I got the replacement part. Thank you so much!! I appreciate your wonderful customer service. I will be doing business with you again in the future! Thanks again.

    -Kim 8/11/11
  • I will defiantly be a return customer. I am a event planner and love you site.

    -Tammy L 8/11/11
  • Again, thank you so much. I must say, you have been so wonderful to deal with throughout this entire process. I will certainly not shy away from ordering from Classic Hostess in the future.

  • They arrived in excellent condition thanks to your very good packing job. Thank you for your concern. If we need products you deal with we would not hesitate to order from your company. Thanks again,

    -Monty 8/23/11
  • It did arrive in perfect condition. Thank You for the service and follow-up. I am sure I will be purchasing from you again in the future. Regards,

    -Rob T 8/23/11
  • Thank you for the successful replacement of my beverage dispenser! I sincerely appreciate your professional business. I will certainly keep Classic Hostess in mind for future purchases. If you have a survey to fill out for customer service or general business, I'd certainly be happy to share my thoughts.

    -Heather F. 8/24/11
  • Thank you so much for your assistance. I have been impressed with the efficient and gracious customer service I have received. I will be certain to order from again in the future due to my overall positive experience. Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone who gathers feedback at your company. Sincerely,

    -Suzanna 8/24/11
  • The three Beehive Beverage Dispensers arrived quickly and are beautiful. One of the spigots was missing a label and with one quick telephone call a replacement spigot was here quick as a wink. I will certainly be a return customer and will tell my friends about your lovely site and customer friendly service. Thanks again.

  • This is the kind of customer service that should be offered by every company across this country. Again, I say, you should be the customer service person of the year, nationwide. I am forever in your debt. Will send pictures of our event and my decorating skills; I cannot wait. Again, I say thank you.

    - Nancy 8/28/11
  • I received my new wine coaster. It is perfect! My friend will be thrilled. Thank you for your patience, and I will not hesitate to use or recommend your website. Thank you!

    -Jackie 9/2/11
  • My daughter and new husband love the candelabra. Your service was the best!! Thanks very much. To your best health!

    -Naomi P 9/10/11
  • I got my purchase and I'm happy to say that the wooden snowflakes are perfect. Regards

    -Giedrė 9/10/11
  • Used them for an art reception function and loved them!!!

    -CBW 9/25/11
  • everything shipped fine, no damage..... thank you!

  • Yes love! sorry it was wonderful! It arrived in one piece!!!

    -Jennifer 10/2/11
  • Great service and product!!! Thank you, we love our new Beehive Dispenser. It arrived and was in tact. We are trying to do away with our water in any plastic containers. Thank you for your concern. Sincerely & Thank You,

    -Judith 10/10/11
  • I loved the things I ordered. The pictures on the website truly reflected what I received. I love all of them. Thank you.

    -Michelle 10/12/11
  • Everything was perfect I would definitely recommend people to buy from your company, and I will soon buy again from your company specially with the additional discount. Thanks again!.

    -Leo 10/15/11
  • Thank you very much, I am very pleased with my purchase. I will continue to shop with you on line,

    -Brown 10/18/11
  • Thank you friendship saved everything came intact....will call in January to order the same in blue....thank you once more...

    -israela 10/25/11
  • Fast shipping. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

    -Linda P. 5/22/14
  • Sury, That is such good news. Thank you! Given that products may be similar, it is the responsiveness to customer needs that sets companies apart. It is how you gain loyalty, repeat business and referrals. My business will put Classic Hostess as a top go - to for items my company may need and I will definitely be happy to share your site for others. You made my day!

    -Margaret B. :) 5/27/14
  • My experience with Classic Hostess, Connie Retek in particular, has been awesome! You have offered me some of the best prices on your products and have gone the extra mile to help personalize them and make them even more special. Since I order things in large amounts it is crucial that I work with someone who is detail oriented and competent and Connie and the Classic Hostess team have been just that! I highly recommend their products and their services! Thank you again for playing such an important role in the gifts for all my events! My attendees cannot stop talking about them!

    -Leslie S. 5/27/14
  • Amazing customer service! I'll definitely be buying more from you in the near future.

    -Amanda D. 6/10/14

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