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Drink Station Ideas

Bountiful of Beverage Dispenser Tips, Recipes and Hydration Stand Ideas.


A Drink Dispenser Idea for Every Summer Party!

Get ready to drink it all in! Summer parties are synonymous with relax, de-stress, and unwind. If you want guests to feel like hanging out and simply reveling in each others company, the decor and drinks should reflect just that. The layout is all about open spaces, buffet style beverages, and hopefully plenty summer breezes. Classic Hostess focuses today on three different drink stations for specific summer parties. Careful, each drink dispenser and table idea is tempting, very enticing in fact.

The Drink Dispenser Idea for Rustic Wine Tasting Party

Welcome to "villa de...."Transform your patio into an Italian winery. Throw abound some wine colored floral arrangements and grapes. Think deep burgundy reds accentuated by greenery and perhaps blue thistle too! Of course the ultimate buffet risers would be barrels, no brainer.  And Classic Hostess comes to remind you about the importance of a simple ice cold lemonade drink in our ever faithful Rocks Borough Drink Dispenser.

Drink Dispenser for Wine Tasting Party

A Drink Dispenser Idea - Backyard BBQ

We loved that it was kept casually laid back. I mean - shipping pallets for the drink dispenser stand! How charming is that? If you got more pallets to spare, add a handpainted sign. A backyard bbq should encompass comfort food, bountiful cocktails, and happy hosts. To help the many sliders slide down, stick to refreshing lemonade and fruit punch in glass beverage servers.

Drink Dispenser for Backyard Barbeque

Drink Dispenser Idea for Surfing Party

Catch the party wave! LOVE everything here from the colors, to the food, to the décor. Vivid, fun, and so chic too. The beverage dispenser allows for the little surfers to keep hydrated. Take note of the bamboo backdrop and Aloha sign. If you are looking at red punch titles, how 'bout: Pipeline punch?? See how to make the deep blue sea recipe here. Simple 2 gallon mason jar drink dispenser atop any tropoical colored stool will do.

;Drink Dispenser for Surfing Party

Hey, you got a party coming up? Want more Drink Dispenser ideas? Let us know, and we bring you more!


Baby Shower Drinks - What To Serve?

Drum roll, please! The baby shower serving as the grand stage for the darlings entrance. Gifts, guest, and games, check. But, what drinks to serve at the baby shower you ask? Classic Hostess brings you four easy, chic, and summery baby shower drinks station ideas... Mocktail drink recipes included too . Mom to be will get thirsty at one point, and the party is about her after all.

Outdoor Baby Showers Ideas - Drinks Station

Beautiful glass drink dispensers servin' up some sweet tea and sparkling lavender lemonade. The white display table is adorned by a blue baby bunting in this case. Doncha worry, there was plenty of champagne going around for the rest of the baby shower guests.

Babyshower Drinks


Baby Shower Drinks Ideas - Forest Wonderland

This summer drink station strongly replicates the decor in a little girl's nursery. Bunnies, toads, and soft pink magic abound. Pink and lime lemonade is a traditional yet very appropriate choice served in the ever classic glass drink dispenser

BabyShower Drinks



Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

An ideal way of keeping the baby shower young and neutral at the same time. Adding strips of lace around the mocktail drinks reminds us all why we are celebrating to begin with!. Serve some sweet tea, lemonade, and other drink of preference in Nantucket mason drink dispensers. Galvanized metal buckets round out the vintage feel. The center drink dispenser is actually a favorite hexagonal glass drink dispenser with metal spigot. 

Babyshower Drinks


And if you are feeling up to it.. Classic Hostess has some more baby shower ideas rounded up.

March/30/ '16

The Beverage Dispenser To Rock Your Summer Party!

A great summer drink is like a free instantaneous vacation! We bring you great summer cocktails ideas that we vow to be the greatest go-to-party recipes. And.... this is where a drink dispenser enters the picture. These featured beverage dispensers allow for even the clumsiest of guests to take care of their own drinks. Plus, any simple summer BBQ looks grander with a drink dispenser gracing the table, no?

Drink Dispenser for Summer Party

Beverage Dispenser with Metal Spigot - $40.49

Water shall always remain a huge part of the summer! Simple spruce up your H2O with fruits. In this case, this glass drink dispenser with metal spigot actually uses simple limes and lemons to create a pure refreshingly summer feel. This hammered drink dispenser may be purchased with the metal spigot and can hold up to 2.6 gallons. Height: 16 " Tall.

Beverage Dispenser with Metal Spigt

Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser - $19.99

The trick to truly loving summer is to findi quick and effortless ways to cool down. And to find lots of reasons to party of course too. That's when we turn to this mason jar drink dispenser and simplest of strawberry infused water. There, with a cup in hand go ahead and love the endless blue sky. This glass drink dispenser is also available with a metal spigot. Capacity: 1.5 gallons. If you don't particularly love the bail and trigger lid, there are plenty more variations at Classic Hostess.

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser - $48.95

Well, some drink dispensers are meant as vessels to hold your summer cocktails, and some just steal the show while they are at it! This 3 gallon beverage dispenser is meant to keep the crowd going and the drink station starring. Personally, there is something awesome about a pink colored drink and the black metal lid. The ceramic white finial keeps the chalkboard tag in place. We love the fact that black metal stand is included. Full deal!

3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser

Hold on dear, we ain't done here!! Keep you posted with more great glass beverage dispensers and recipes.



Fall Drinks - Hydration Station

For the love of autumn! Feel a continuous chill in the air, smell pumpkin muffins abound, and of course down plenty an apple cider. In honor of this homely season, Classic Hostess brings you more fabulously styled fall drink stations. Maybe that'll keep you pining for some cool weathered celebration of your own!

Fall Drink Station Ideas

We went with spiked apple cider for our signature drinks and placed it in a large glass mason jar dispenser. This beverage station is actually made by piling crates. We topped it with fall flowers and of course some apples. 

Fall Wedding Drinks

Cheery and bright red wine with strawberry and pomegranate sangria. Cheers! The red hued fall drink looks great in a rather elegant drink dispenser. See the Hammered Glass Beverage Dispenser with scroll style drink stand included. 


 Apple Cider Drink Dispenser

Well, an apple cider a day they say! Moving away from the Mason Jar Drink Dispenser, this Beehive Glass Beverage Dispenser provides a pretty rustic setting too. Place a vintage crate of apples next to it, and you got a little fresher version of rustic chic. 

We ain't done here at Classic Hostess. See you back with more affordable Fall Drinks idea for hydration station! 



There’s something so charming, and mysterious about wedding in the fall season. And there are too many great fall wedding ideas to incorporate in a budget friendly or DIY ceremony. Oh so much love present in natural surroundings. Pumpkins! Throw them about and create an inviting sense for all guests. Think striking burnt orange contrasted by a stark white dress. Wait, the leaves foliage. They make the most awesome backdrop for photos.

Fall Wedding Ideas – Drink Stations

Take fall’s favorite flavors, decorate with the season’s coolest crops, and you get a fantastic fall drink station ( and a huge money saver!) Toast the new couple with colorful autumn leaves all around. Basically it all boils down to warm apple cider, hot chocolate, and great beverage dispensers.

Drink Station Ideas – Outdoor Fall Wedding

 Apple Cider Fall Wedding Idea

This rustic outdoor drink station was love at first sight for us. Talk about season's best harvest. What says fall more than a bucket full of red delicious apples surrounding a punch bowl of cinammon apple cider? Accentuate this food bar with some galvanized metal buckets and pedestals; good to go!

Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas

Just to show you that it is legal to move away from the signature fall drinks! This outdoor drink station features a clear glass drink dispenser with mint infused water. Okay and lemonade in a shannon crystal punchbowl for traditional purpuses. The wicker basket filled with mason jars foreground the fall flowers strewn about.  

Indoor Drink Station Ideas & Autumn Wedding

Indoor Rustic Fall Wedding Idea

Warm up wih some hot chocolate, baby. It's is getting cold outside! Mama's hot chocolate placed in a simple ribbed glass drink dispenser.  Yummy s'mores in placed in bucket next to it for a true autumn treat. 

Fall Wedding Drink Station - Indoor

Ever said no to Apple Cider? With cinammon please! Bell shaped glass beverage dispenser clearly displays this nostalgic drink, and is perched atop a glass cake stand for added height. Simple warm milk for color contrast offers a striking color variation as well as drink choice. We love the white trellis accented by the stunning fall flowers. 


Keep your eyes peeled for more inspiration for the ultimate fall wedding ideas and drink stations. Cheers!



Infused Water Station - Wedding Drink Station Ideas

Rustic cabins, old wagon wheels, lush trees, and ponds make up this picturesque place known as Vee Bee Ranch. The wedding showcased below took place on a warm April day. Therefore, the charming drink station placed at the site of the ceremony was a most welcome thought. The attendees were charmed by the pre drinks idea!

infused water wedding drink station Infused Water Station at Rustic Chic Wedding


On a rustic wooden wheel barrow, the couple offered every single infused water flavor you could think of! Simply perfect for a sunny summer day, infused water will keep guests hydrated and excited as they anticipate the ceremony.  The beverage dispensers used above are as variant as the drinks provided.  Bascially it boils down to a mix of a mason jar dispenser, glass drink dispensers, and some plastic drink dispensers too!  If you are concerned about the traffic at the drink station, note that Classic Hostess has begun selling drink dispensers with an option of additional leak proof metal spigots with purchase of beverage dispenser.  



Beach Wedding Ideas- Drink Station Ideas

Nautical themes provide for airy, fresh, and light drink station ideas.  Plus, you do not have to spend thousands to get the look and ambiance you want. Keep it simple and intimate. 

Beach Wedding Drink Station


2 simple glass drink dispensers with lemonade , nautical accessories thrown around, and ahoy! Hydration Station done. 

Beer Wedding Idea

Beer service directly from a boat!


Beach Wedding IDeas



Use Mason Jars in a Galvanized Tub. 



Farmyard Wedding Rustic Bar and Drink Table Idea

The common ground at each rustic bar and drink table at weddings are barrels, galvanized ice buckets, and of course Beverage Dispensers! However, the end results are so uniquely beautiful. Individual. Like each couple, I guess. 

View two of our hottest pics (pun intended ) this week: 

 Rustic Wedding Drink Station Idea


In the picture above, view the 3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser in Hexagonal Style with Metal Spigot.  Perched on the wooden barrels are simple glass Mason Drink Mugs. 

Rustic farmyard Drinking Station Idea


In the photo above, the bar station features a Mason Jar Drink Dispenser for added vintage feel. Plus, Galvanized Metal Beverage Tubs keep wines chilled. 



Picnic Baby Shower Drink Station Idea

 Feast your eyes on this one: Vintage inspired Picnic Style Baby Shower. Let your eyes take in plenty of Red and White Checkered Fabric, Burlap, and 'lil Buttons. 


Baby Shower Drink Station Idea - Picnic Style



Classic Hostess advises you to pay attention to detail at this sweetest drink station. Sweet indeed has incorporated Mason Jar Glasses, and Galvanized Metal Buckets for vintage inspired feel. 

 Vintage Inspired Baby Shower Drink Station


 Two Hexagonal Glass Beverage Dispensers are filled with Iced Tea, and Strawberry Lemonade for a refreshing drink area. 

One final look! Can't get enough of the Ginghams and dolled up mason jars!

Baby Shower Drink Station Ideas




Rustic Wedding Drink Station Idea

These days you can bring country chic and rustic farmyard theme to New York City too! It takes some authentic props, vintage paraphernalia and the DIY rustic effect is right in your backyard. We love these two affordable Beverage Stations featured below, especially the Drink Stand idea! Both of these lovely hydration station use, get this: Vanity Tables! 


Rustic Vintage Drink Station Idea with Vanity Table   Rustic Drink Station Wedding Idea


Featured in the picture on the top is the Rox Borough Beverage Dispenser by Godinger Silver. We love the pink lemonade effect in it. In the picture below, see the Cylinder Glass Jar with Spout. This Cylinder Glass Drink Dispenser is available in 3 Gallons as well. 


06/01/2015 -

Carnival Wedding Drink Station Idea


Oh Golly! Finally, a break from all Rustic, Vintage, Farmhouse and everything wooden Wedding Theme. Gear up for this real whimsy one: Carnival Wedding Theme. Time to think balloons, color, candy, and everything fun!

Carnival Wedding Theme


And for the Drink Station at this Carnival Wedding Reception: 

Carnival Drink Station WEdding Idea


Previewed at this Carnival Drink Station are four differnet glass drink dispensers that work beautifully together. Each of the Beverage Servers with spigot showcase a slightly different variation of lemonade, labelled with Chalkboard Beverage Hang Tags.  From Left to Right, the Glass Party Jars are Vintage Hammered Glass Beverage Dispenser with Scroll Style Stand,  The Old Fashioned Beehive Glass Beverage Dispenser, the Small Glass Yorkshire Glass Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser, and finally the Bell Shaped Glass Beverage Dispenser.

Wishing the Couple much Fun, and Joy always!


05/26/2015 - Summery Watermelon Mojito Recipe | Mason Jar Mugs

Kicking off a long weekend or beach party? There is no wiser way to start other than a most refreshing mojito cocktail recipe served in our favourite Mason Jar Tumblers. Add Oasis Galvanized Metal Serving Trays and Ice Bucket and we got a setting that spells : Summer!

Watermelon Cocktail Recipe with Oasis Galvanized Metal Bucket


Watermelon Mojito Cocktail Ingredients: 

1 Can of Club Soda

2 Cups of Ice

8 oz of White Rum

16 oz of Seedless Watermelon Cut into .5 inch cubes

Watermelon Wedges for Garnish

2 limes juiced

16 Mint sprigs

2 oz simple syrup


Summer Watermelon Cocktail Directions: 

Combine the 12 sprigs of mint leaves, simple sugar, and the juice from the 2 limes. Then, blend the watermelon cubes and add to pitcher. Muddle until the Mint leaves are broken down. 

Add the rum, ice cubes, club soda, and stir. 


The Look: 

Pour the Mojito into Mason Jar Tumbler. Dress up the Beverage Station with Oasis Galvanized Metal Ice Bucket and Servings Trays. Enjoy!

Summer Cocktail Recipe Idea with Watermelon

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