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Ideas for Mason Jars- Weddings- Parties & Showers

Garden Shabby Chic - Mason Jar Floral Arrangements
The countless weddings I attend only serve to further my conviction about flowers. Nothing beats the shabby chic beauty of  a simple flora arrangement in a Mason Jar Vase. Especially if you are considering a reception in a cottage garden, botanical garden or backyard, try Blue Mason Jar Centerpiece. For Spring and Fall Weddings place a playful palette of Rose, Lavender, Peach, and Aqua. 
Ball Jar and Milk Vintage Containers make perfect backdrops for rustic affairs. 
Blue Vintage Mason Jar Floral Centerpiece  Colored Floral Centerpiece in Blue Vintage Vase

Mason Jar Centerpieces- Lemon Slices and Flowers
Wedding Fads come and go too fast, but there's something we will always love about the traditional Mason Jar. For summer and spring gatherings, we positively adore the Sliced Lemon look in the clear Mason Jar Vase.  Lemon and Flowers in Mason Jars denote summer, chic, and breezy. The flowers you shall use will depend whether you will be using the Mason Jar Centerpiece for Wedding, Couple Shower, or Intimate Dinner. 

Lemons and Flowers in Glass Mason Jar Idea

For rather small bridal showers or dinners, colorful flowers will enhance the lemons and Mason Jar centerpiece as a whole. 
But - White Flowers will make the Lemon Slices Pop at large Wedding Receptions or Showers. 
To coordinate the Hydration Station, you can always place Mason Jar Drinking Cups, and Mason Jar Beverage Dispensers. See more Here. 

It it time to get crafty! And you don't even have to be the DIY type to complete this project. We loved this Lace Mason Jar as a wedding centerpiece, however you can use it as a party favor for any occasion listed next on our Calendar. 
Materials You Need:
  • Vintage Lace Fabric or Lace Hanky
  • Scissors (sewing)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Twine - Optional
  • Glass Mason Jars
Using a hot glue gun ( keep kids away), softly glue the lace fabric onto the Mason Jar. To ensure that you dont have frayed edges, tuck in the ends before sticking them on. Depending on the occasion, embellish the jar with twine or ribbon. 
When presenting the jars as a gift, you can decorate the lid too and then fill the Mason Jar with chocolates, sweets, and all else. For an inspirational centerpiece, decorate a few Mason Jar vases in assorted sizes. Showcase the Lace Mason Jars on a vintage tray. Then, ignite the tea lights in them and watch the flames dance through the lace. So Beautiful!

Mason Jars - Camping Trip Drink Recipe

Classic Hostess would first like to warn you that this drink is addictive. Especially around a campfire. When planning a camping trip with family and friends, assure them that the drinks are taken care of. Then, all you would need to fish out of your Camping Back pack is: One Mason Jar ( preferably quart sized )
We promise, this mason jar will go round n round and earn you lots of buddies. Drink Responsibly!
Camping Trip Idea with Mason JarIngredients: 
  • 2 Sliced Peaches
  • 1 Cup of White or Red Grapes
  • ;8-10 strawberries sliced
  • 1 liter of Fresca
  • 750 ml Bottle of Vodka
  • 750 ml White or Red Wine
Instructions: ( do this a night before )

  • Fill up the mason jar with the fruits. 
  • Pour Vodka into the jar to fill 1/4
  • Chill the sangria concentrate overnight. 
  • Take the bottle of fresca, remaining wine, and Sangria concentrate in an insulated ziplock bag. At the campsite, mix all 3 together and start passing it around. 
Enjoy and Have Fun!


Wedding Party Favor - Ice Cream in Mason Jars

As the summer heat comes upon us, cool treats are in order! In term of weddings and bridal showers. it is time to think of appropriately cool party favors. This DIY Ice Cream in Mason Jar is an innovative and affordable fun project your guests will love to make and equally love to devour. Anybody ever declined Ice Cream in August?

DIY Ice Cream in Mason Jar Party Favor DIY Mason Jar Craft for Original Party Favor

For all budget concerned engaged couples or party planners, here's a list that will have you smiling before you even taste the delightful treat!

  • Glass Mason Jars
  • Half and Half Individual Packets
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla Powder
  • Rock Salt
  • Small Zip Lock Bags
  • Ribbon and Labels (optional)
  • Guests will add their own ice ( Great for those staying in the hotel.. )

Instructions on how to assemble the Ice Cream in Mason Jar Wedding Party Favor:

Pour One Cup of Rock Salt into the bottom of each of the Glass Mason Jars. Then, place One Tablespoon Sugar with One Teaspoon Vanilla Powder into a sealed bag and zip lock. Place the bag with powders and 8 of the Half and Half Packets into each Mason Jar. For an added vintage touch, attach labels with the instructions below with twine to Mason Jar.  Guest will need to add ice and mix with the salt. After shaking for 5-8 minutes, I scream, you scream - you got Ice Cream!

DIY Ice Cream in Mason Jar Vase

Vintage Hydration Station - Wedding Receptions

If you are planning an outdoor wedding reception for the Summer or Fall, it is important to keep guests cool and hydrated. There are so many different ways to set up a drink station; allow Classic Hostess to be the inspiration behind your individualized and unique Wedding Hydration Station. 

Today we say, scrap the table and opt for something more visually attractive. Use a distressed armoire, or mirror and furniture, to add a vintage element to your ceremony decor. You can also drape that home decor with flowers and fruits for a smattering of color at the drink station. The lovely sample below uses the Rocks Borough Beverage Dispenser . A Glass and Chrome Beverage Server which can hold a delightful 2.5 gallons of drinks for larger crowds.


All you need to make your dream wedding a reality! This is Classic Hostess #1 page for all wedding planners, party coordinators, newly engaged couples, brides, and even bridesmaids.  A passionate project of several Classic Hostess designers and event coordinators, our mission is to guide you and keep you updated on all Bridal Showers, Party Favors, and Ceremony Decor ideas. Using our Mason Jar Glassware, Barware, Drink Dispenses, and Gift Ideas, Classic Hostess brings you inspiration for effortless entertaining and thoughtful gifting. 

Congratulations from the Classic Hostess Team

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